James Blunt - Carry You Home

I first heard this song 2 years ago: one of my English teachers would play music during our freewrite time, and this song touched me so deeply, yet for two years, I could only remember the lines I'll carry you home and I see you breathing for the last time. I've been longing to hear it again.

Carry You Home became special to me from the first time I heard it because just three years earlier, my sister's baby came into the world with heart problems and died within 11 days. She was such a miracle to us; I love her so much. Hearing those lines, I'm watching you breathing for the last time, sung to that wonderfully touching music, took me back to the sacred night when she died, with all of us sitting round.

This song let me re-experience the beautiful feelings of love, grief, healing, and peace from that time. It is so beautiful! It brings me such peace and hope--or rather, it increases my peace and hope, because I already know, with all of my heart, that everything will turn out perfectly in the end; even right now, I know that all is well.

Thank you, Sir Blunt, for creating this song.